Customer Testimonials
He always guided me and assisted me
Mr. David,

I am Ojash Shah and I recently purchased the Comfort Inn & Suites in Warner Robins.

As you know, Burton Brooks from the Mumford Company was the realtor involved in the day-to-day issues and I am so very glad that he was the person involved. Right from the first day when I spoke to him about the property and until the day of closing Burton was more than helpful. He always guided me and assisted me in all ways possible, introducing me to finance companies, working with Choice, getting all the information that I asked, insurance and the list could go on and on. Burton is a very patient person and I really appreciate it all the more because I was new to this business and if not for his patience I would not have been able to go forward. A couple of times in the process I felt that the deal was going to fall apart, but Burton was very positive that everything would be okay moving forward. I talked to him everyday and many times several times in a day, after office hours, on weekends, he was always available for me. He is now a great business associate and friend that I have made in the last three months.

I definitely am of the opinion that Burton was very instrumental in making sure that the deal went through. I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends and family who would be interested in buying a hotel. Also, Steve Kirby and the Mumford Company have greatly assisted in this deal and I would sincerely like to thank all of you.

Best Regards,