The Mumford Company will consider Co-Brokerage with other licensed Real Estate Brokers if their Client/Customer is NOT already registered with the Mumford Company. The Mumford Company only allows the registration of a single property for a single customer.

If all information requested is not provided the registration will not be considered. DO NOT call with comments regarding the registration form or with other requests. The following form must be completed in its entirety to be considered for registration. You will not be able to continue the process electronically unless all fields are completed. You will be required to provide the following :

  • All names of partners or investors. Additional partner or investor names may be added by submitting additional names
  • Complete contact information for all parties involved
  • Real Estate License validation information
  • Mumford Company listing that the requested information and Co-Brokerage pertains to

  • When the completed information is provided, the Mumford Company will review your registration request and if approved, provide you with a Co-Brokerage Agreement. This document sets forth the commission arrangements and other conditions. We will also provide a Personal Financial Statement for completion by your buyer indicating their ability to complete such a transaction and a property marketing brochure for the property under consideration.

    Approval of your registration is not considered valid and binding until the Mumford Company has received the aforementioned Co-Brokerage Agreement and Personal Financial statement back in our office, fully executed by both the registering broker and the proposed purchaser and/or any/all partners.

    Please note this registration applies to only the Buyer named below and no other person or entity and can not be transferred.
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